Hello and welcome to my website. I hope you're not expecting anything amazing. I've really only got this a) so I can play around with web-design and b) to post pictures of miniatures projects for friends, families, and clients. If you're interested in "A" please feel free to contact me (yanniDOTbDOTcATgmailDOTcom) to discuss collaboration/jobs/etc. If you're interested in commissioning me to paint minis for you can use the same email address, however keep in mind I do have quite a few personal projects already in progress or lined up to start, so I certainly won't make any promises.

VT's Play Hard Bar & Grille Hey, I did a website. Not a lot of content yet, but that will come. Besides, it's a bar, most people are only going to check the website to see their hours/phone number ... unless of course you're looking to get dinner, in which case, the menu is available online.

Red Vs. Blue: A "How To" article explaining how to convert a Space Marine Tactical Squad into Spartans (Mainly for the purposes of making the guys from Red Vs. Blue.) Note: Links are borked.

OGRE/G.E.V.: Old webpage containing picture of my OGRE and G.E.V. miniatures. It's fairly badly done *cough*FRAMES*cough* but I don't want to bother moving to the gallery software page, when likely I'll eventually make my own someday.

Miniatures: This was a site design I was never really pleased with. I did get most of my Warmachine minis up though.

PSP Links: This is just so I can quickly find stuff if I'm accessing the net from my PSP.

Wii Links: This is just so I can quickly find stuff if I'm accessing the net from my Wii.

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